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Computer Science Student & Developer

About Me

I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom.
I'm technical

I've always had an interest for everything computing-related. The principal reason for my pursuing a university degree in this field is to be able to fully understand and harness the computers that we use every day.

Having completed the first two years of my degree, the particular fields that interest me the most within the science are to do with intelligent agents, machine learning and natural language processing. Alongside my course, as personal projects and at hackathons, I build webapps and mobile applications to learn this more practical side of computing.

I'm creative

Likely down to my Nordic roots, I've always had an interest for design.

I'm proficient in the Adobe CC/CS suite, having used InDesign and Illustrator extensively.



Seattle, WA, United States
31 May - 19 August 2016

Summer Internship

Software development intern in Data Platforms group, in the Cloud and Enterprise division.

Full description pending completion of internship.

Metaswitch Networks

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
1 June - 21 August 2015

Summer Internship

Description pending approval by Metaswitch Network before publication.

Written reference available on request.

Peres Center for Peace

Jaffa, Israel
1 July - 12 August 2014

Summer Internship

I worked in the medical department, and made trips into the West Bank (Hebron) and up to the Syrian border in my line of work. Tasks included research for a medical diplomacy conference, and work with databases to manage the costs of patient treatments. Please note that this took place during the 2014 Gaza/Israeli summer conflict, making the work more important and interesting.

Written reference available on request.

International Trade
Union Confederation

Berlin, Germany
18 - 23 May 2014

Intern at World Congress

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) held their global conference in May, 2014. I interned for the full duration of the event. My responsibilities involved preparing and running the technology and media in the plenary halls for the sessions, as well as various tasks on the side.